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Post by Admin on Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:21 am

Welcome to the Boston Chieftains
Hello everyone, Welcome to the Boston Chieftains everyone. I hope we’re all ready for a hard fought season this year. I think that our team can win the championship year one, so let’s go out and play and have fun. I’m hoping we can get a lot of practices in before the season starts because we’ll usually only be able to have pre-game practice because I don’t want you guys to be on 5 days a week or even 6 days a week. I’m going to be designing plays, setting positions, and scheduling practices. If you don’t know what position you are going to play, it will be great for you to come to practices as much as you can. Our 3 positions are our Point Guard, Forward, and Center. I want all point guard’s too have good ball handle and to be able to pass the ball well, forward’s too move around some too the ball, of course run some of the plays too, run simple pick and rolls and such. I want our Center’s down low trying to get open and get easy baskets. I DO NOT WANT THE CENTER OUT IN 3. There is only one reason why I would want the center out for a 3 point shot. We are down by 3 with less than 5 seconds left in the game, otherwise I want the Center down low fighting for layups and offensive rebounds. Also, we will be running practices because we need to figure out are depth chart, who will be starting and who will be our 4th man (like a 6th man) .If you’re coming off the bench when the season starts, it shouldn't be a big deal. Every player on my team will be able to play if they show up to the games. Also, you could earn your way to a starting job. For right now, here are our plays.
Play 1-Pick and roll: One player comes and picks for the point guard (usually I’ll send the center out to do this and for some rare occasion the forward) .The point guard will dribble to the basket. The player who set the pick will roll to the basket. The point guard has a choice, if the man is being covered tight, shoot it. If the player is wide open, pass the ball to him for an easy layup.
Play 2-Pick and Pop: Same play as play one except that the player picking will pop to the top of the free throw line instead of rolling to the basket.
On defense, our team will be running man to man. If there are pick and rolls and picks or something like that you switch men and I will explain that more in practice. I’m all about team work; I don’t care if you’re scoring tons of points per game, if you’re not passing around the ball, I’m not going to like it. This shouldn't be a problem with our team. Again, as I said earlier and I've told and bragged to all the GM’s, I think we could win it all. That doesn't mean we will but I’m hoping we do. I’m hoping we find out our starters, make some more plays, everyone improves by season’s start, that the season start’s soon, and that we have a active winning team this year.


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