Latest news up to game 4

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Latest news up to game 4 Empty Latest news up to game 4

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:00 pm

Were facing Miami again today.Game will be at 6 ET.Miami signed cruel so should be a interesting game.I really want to win this.First,we'll be tied for second.Cruel won't have bragging rights vs. us.And we'll have our first real win,not a forfeit win.Pre-Game will be up at 5:30 ET.Houston beat Miami yesterday,still don't know the damn score or stats because i damn wont be told.Pissing me off but i'll get it figured out.Might be able to get a game tape from the game,would be a good game too watch.I'll be posting our game vs. HOU,well,the first half of it later today.


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